Curious about Hybrid? The Hodgson Toyota Hybrid Event

The best way to get to know a Hybrid? Meet one.

If you’re thinking about switching to a Hybrid, you probably have a few questions:

- What does the engine sound like?
- How does it work?
- Where do I plug it in? (Hint: You don’t).

Well, our Hybrids have the answers. Come along to our Hybrid Open Event, say hello to our Hybrid range and find out everything that you need to know about this innovative technology.

Our Hybrid consultants will talk you through all the facts (rather than the myths) and take you on a test drive so you can experience the difference of a Toyota Hybrid for yourselves.

Please be aware this is an educational event with no obligation to buy although we may have special offers running at the time.

Entry: Free – just bring a few questions

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Our Hybrids can’t wait to meet you.


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